Dear Fashion Enthusiast,

In 1988 we founded our business in the fashionable city of Antwerp which, at the time, was already under the spell of both the Belgian creators and the leading brands of Italy, France, and Japan.

Many brands had already found representation in Antwerp, so we strove to distinguish ourselves by focusing on brands that were less known, but in no way inferior with regard to the product’s quality, creativity, and overall uniqueness.

Issey Miyake Antwerpen XSO

Two years later, we extended our collection with sub-brands in order to achieve a broadened horizon and a target market that both includes and introduces the younger generations to the world of fashion.

With unique clothes comes a singular style, to establish this, our shop assistants will be more than happy to warmly help you find an outfit that suits you and reflects your personality.

Our loyal clientele has remained by our side due to our personal approach and fast alteration service.

Following media coverage in Belgium, XSO caught the eye of acclaimed fashion designers, who wanted our store to represent their brand in Antwerp.

In this manner, we succeeded in establishing a prominent position in the fashion city of Antwerp and thus developing a DNA which was perceived as artistic, even by the lesser fashion enthusiast.

Particularly, there was one brand that took the lead: Issey Miyake. Which became our pride and main focus.

Years of cooperation and good relations created a close bond, which eventually led to our exclusive cooperation in 2015.

This unique tie is nowhere else partnered with a retailer under supervision, which makes our partnership with Issey Miyake the most exclusive.


Welcome online ánd offline in Antwerp.

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